LeagueUp's Player Attendance function allows Admins and Managers to view which players participate in each individual team.

How does it work?

On the LeagueUp mobile app, each team captain will be required to submit their team lineup within one hour of the commencement of each fixtured game.

Once the lineup has been submitted, both Admins and Managers are able to view the lineup in Schedule. To do so, simply select the 'attendance icon' located next to score. If the icon is green, attendance has been submitted by the captain!

For more information on how to submit your lineup as a captain, please visit: Submit Lineup

Why is it useful?

There are a number of reason why LeagueUp's Player Attendance function is both useful and important to your leagues.

  1. In line with current regulations regarding COVID-19, it is important to know who is participating in your competitions and to record their attendance on an ongoing basis.

  2. Many leagues require players to achieve minimum participation rates in order to be eligible for finals.

  3. On occasions where player details are required including instances of injury or discipline, proof of attendance can assist organisations in their approach to the situation.

Can I turn Player Attendance off?

Absolutely. Player Attendance is an optional feature of LeagueUp that can be switched on and off by visiting Settings > Add Ons.

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