Online Payments (Powered by Stripe)

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Written by LeagueUp HQLast update 1 year ago

Enable online payments and revolutionise the way you manage your competitions!


When enabling online payments you will be required to setup a Stripe Connect account. This account will allow LeagueUp to transfer all fees collected within your leagues. Additionally, your participants will be able to view and complete fees using the LeagueUp App. Please see out article on In-app payments for more information.


When you first enable payments, you will be able to view all paid, overdue and upcoming fees on the payments dashboard.


*The available balance identifies the funds accrued by your organisation.

Within the payments dashboard you are able to action and edit individual payments, this includes refunding fees, editing fees, changing due dates and altering amounts received.



It's important to note that you can also do this from the Teams section by navigating to Team > Select Team > Financial details.




Payouts are made to organisations on a weekly basis via stripe connect.

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