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LeagueUp's Player Registration function enables you to compile a complete database of all participants!



How does it work?


When you first create a team as an Admin, you will have the opportunity to select a team captain. Upon allocating this team in a fixture, an email will be sent to the captain altering them that they have been elected captain of the team and allowing them to join their team's profile on LeagueUp's mobile app.


In addition to this, the team captain will be supplied with a unique team code that will enable them to join their team. The unique team code will be two letters followed by 5 numbers (ie. ZQ12345). The captain will also be able to share this unique code with the remaining members of their team who will then be able to signup using the LeagueUp mobile app.


When each player signs up, their details will be recorded in the Players database in your LeagueUp account. As such, in joining their team on the app they are also registering themselves with your organisation.


For more information on how to sign up to LeagueUp's mobile app visit: LeagueUp Mobile App

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